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Cross River Therapy is a leading provider of ABA therapy services for children who are on the autism spectrum. We provide ABA therapy services for children ages 1-21 in the comfort of your home, or community setting as well as school-based support. Our goal is to make a difference for your family and help your child grow each day.


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Our passion is to make a difference for your family and help your child grow every day. Every “first” matters in your child’s life – first communication, first expressions, first affection, or the mastery of a skill. We celebrate these moments right alongside you.
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Our team is comprised of committed, friendly and experienced analysts we believe can make a positive and lasting impact on our client’s lives. Our BCBAs are supervised by a senior clinical supervisor to ensure clients are receiving Cross River Therapy’s gold standard of care.


Personalized Plan

Our team works with each family to develop a customized care plan tailored to the individual needs of their child.

Family Focus

We believe in supporting the family and including them in the therapy process as they are a critical component.

Benefit Checks

We ensure that every family has proper coverage and is educated on the services available to their child.

What People Say

We can’t believe how much Emma’s communication has improved this year. Her therapist was so pleasant and the administrative team helped us get through some really tough insurance issues. We are so happy to have chosen Cross River Therapy.


We are so grateful to the Cross River Therapy team for all they’ve done for our family these past few months. Jared has made amazing progress with his therapist, and we appreciate all the support and tools we got along the way. Thank you!