ABA autism treatment new mexico

How Does ABA Child Therapy Works?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is one of the best therapies when it comes to the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA therapy for Autism in New Mexico is the therapy that has the ability to treat the symptoms which are shown in Autism. The factors which get drastically affected in Autism Spectrum Disorder are communication skills, thinking knowledge, learning ability, and social skills. There are many experts in the market for ABA therapy, but Cross River Therapy provides the best ABA child therapy in New Mexico. With the help of the reinforcement strategies, the developmental symptoms get adequately treated.

The following are some of the Autism symptoms which must be observed:
1. Child facing problem in speaking and interacting
2. The child showing unusual reactions to some visuals, touch, and taste
3. The child showing no reaction when being called
4. Child facing problem in adapting to a new routine
5. Problems in making eye contact and avoiding making conversations with others

Working of ABA Therapy

The ABA Treatment in New Mexico works on different levels:

1. Consultation
2. Assessment
3. Treatment Plan
4. Training for Parents
5. Child Evaluation


The sooner a child is diagnosed with autism, the better the outcomes. We can start ABA therapy as soon as this week.

Responsibilities are:

  • Provide supervision to behavioral therapists assigned to cases.
  • Design ABA curriculum plans and behavior intervention plans.
  • Analyze ABA data and write reports summarizing progress and best strategies.
  • Coordinate and confer with parents and case managers to maintain a high level of care.


  • BCBA certification from the BACB
  • Experience working with children with autism

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Cross River Therapy is committed to the professional growth and satisfaction of our staff. We constantly strive to listen to the needs of our therapists and provide for them.


What People Say

We can’t believe how much Emma’s communication has improved this year. Her therapist was so pleasant and the administrative team helped us get through some really tough insurance issues. We are so happy to have chosen Cross River Therapy.


We are so grateful to the Cross River Therapy team for all they’ve done for our family these past few months. Jared has made amazing progress with his therapist, and we appreciate all the support and tools we got along the way. Thank you!


My son began ABA services with Cross River Therapy a few weeks ago and I am pleased to see improvements with communication skills. I have observed a decrease in problematic behaviors such as pinching and biting as well. I am impressed and excited to work with Cross River Therapy. The staff is incredible and accommodating. My experience with Cross River Therapy has been wonderful. My son is happy and thriving.

Thank You