Top 5 Reasons to Choose ABA Therapy

The field of medical science has become so advanced that new ways of treatment have emerged, which are very effective in providing proper medical resolution. There are many people who advocate for the benefits that they see in the children who undergo ABA therapy Durham NC.

Children on the Spectrum have a hard time learning new things and can have difficulty in a classroom setting.

1. ABA Therapy helps to increase social skills and give kids the confidence to initiate conversations. Through ABA Therapy kids can become comfortable forming new relationships.
2. ABA therapy is the most effective way of treating autism, and it has been medically proven that it helps treat Autism.

3. The children can gain independence through the ABA therapy Durham NC as the children, start to work on developing relationships on their own and work towards attaining a healthier everyday life.

4. The child starts to respond well to lessons, and the brain's creative capacity increases with the help of ABA therapy.

5. The child's communication skills increase drastically after they receive the ABA therapy as this works on the different learning levels of the child.

Responsibilities are:

  • Provide supervision to behavioral therapists assigned to cases.
  • Design ABA curriculum plans and behavior intervention plans.
  • Analyze ABA data and write reports summarizing progress and best strategies.
  • Coordinate and confer with parents and case managers to maintain a high level of care.


  • BCBA certification from the BACB
  • Experience working with children with autism

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Cross River Therapy is committed to the professional growth and satisfaction of our staff. We constantly strive to listen to the needs of our therapists and provide for them.


What People Say

My son began ABA services with Cross River Therapy a few weeks ago and I am pleased to see improvements with communication skills. I have observed a decrease in problematic behaviors such as pinching and biting as well. I am impressed and excited to work with Cross River Therapy. The staff is incredible and accommodating. My experience with Cross River Therapy has been wonderful. My son is happy and thriving.

Thank You


Cross River Therapy

My son has been receiving ABA therapy from Cross River for approximately 4 months. During this time, he was fortunate to work with a very dedicated and professional team, I can clearly see the difference they made in his behavior.

Thank you for providing top notch services for my son.