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Our Services

We will make the entire ABA Therapy process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.
Our agency will take care of the entire process; including insurance & benefit checks, treatment authorization, assessments, implementation of the care plan, and family and caregiver training.


Home Based ABA

Individualized ABA therapy in the comfort of your home can help your child learn social skills, positive behaviors, academics, communication and increased focus.

Comprehensive Assessment

We perform a comprehensive functional assessment to help determine your child’s strengths, challenges and learning methods.

Parent Training

We empower parents by teaching them the necessary tools and strategies to respond to their child’s actions and needs.

School Based Support

Cross River Therapy will partner with your child’s school to develop effective instructional programs based on the principles and methodologies of ABA.

What People Say

My son began ABA services with Cross River Therapy a few weeks ago and I am pleased to see improvements with communication skills. I have observed a decrease in problematic behaviors such as pinching and biting as well. I am impressed and excited to work with Cross River Therapy. The staff is incredible and accommodating. My experience with Cross River Therapy has been wonderful. My son is happy and thriving.

Thank You


Cross River Therapy

My son has been receiving ABA therapy from Cross River for approximately 4 months. During this time, he was fortunate to work with a very dedicated and professional team, I can clearly see the difference they made in his behavior.

Thank you for providing top notch services for my son.